My new Boudoir Studio in downtown Lubbock, The Siren Boudoir Studio, is officially open!! If you would like to a book a session in this beautiful new space please head over to my schedule booking page and send me a quick email or call. As of right now I am booking up quickly so if you have a special date in mind like an anniversary gift or a birthday gift, please contact me as soon as possible about processing time to make sure that you will get your gift back on time. 

I'm going to keep it real right now (and always) and say that "I know sexy". That is my boudoir motto. I know how to pose you so that every angle accentuates your best features. I will help to direct you through posing so that everything looks natural and classy (and hot). 

Boudoir Photography is about you. It's about where you are at with your body, right now, no matter what your size, no matter what your age. Sexy is all about owning it and showing a vulnerable and raw side of who you are. 

What's different about me than all the other boudoir photographers out there? I am a stylist. Meaning I gravitate towards 2017-2018 styles- modern, bohemian, outside of the box styles. You can be classy but not boring and maintain interest in any image. I put individuality into each and every boudoir session to make sure that we are expressing your authentic self however you are in a way that makes you feel your sexiest. 

"Walking into this I had no idea what to expect and I was really nervous. I was scared to share the photos from our boudoir photoshoot because I was scared about what other people might think. This was an eye opener for me. This helped me get comfortable with myself again. I was reminded that I gave birth to 3 beautiful babies and my body did beautiful things and I shouldn't be ashamed. I shouldn't be down on myself because of society's standards. Plus size women are beautiful too. I realized that I am that hardest on myself more than other people are. But thanks to Laura Beck Photography I have gained my confidence back. I can love myself again. I can own my beautiful tiger stripes and not be ashamed. Thank you so much!"- Kristan Moore, client

This session is from a boudoir that I did in Florida. My client is a sporty, beach-going girl who loves fitness. So we got sexy on the beach and it worked. This is one of my sessions that has been featured for publication. If you are interested in checking it out, click here.