Lubbock Award Winning Boudoir Photographer specializing in Boudoir, Maternity & Fashion. Published in both print magazines and on well known websites like The Huffington Post. A professional photographer since 2003 and dedicated to the highest quality of intimate portraiture and visual aesthetics.


Laura Beck Photography

at The Siren Boudoir Studio

Lubbock Texas Boudoir Photographer

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The Siren

My Boudoir Studio, The Siren Boudoir Studio, 

is located in the heart of Lubbock.

The space is designed specifically for boudoir and

maternity sessions.  My focus as a Boudoir Photographer

is to accentuate all your best assets.

I walk you through all posing with clear direction

so you look and feel your best. 


I had my first photo session with Laura, I didn't know what to expect and was super nervous about how I would look and feel in front of the camera. Her work is amazing and I had no doubt she would do an amazing job, as for me I was nervous about my flaws and everything I'm self conscious about. She made me feel comfortable in my own skin and her ideas were just overflowing out of her, she's so sweet and personable! The results were amazing photographs (flaws looking great and all), I will definitely be using her again! - Joselyn Garcia,  Siren

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"Walking into this I had no idea what to expect and I was really nervous. I was scared to share the photos from our boudoir photoshoot because I was scared about what other people might think. This was an eye opener for me. This helped me get comfortable with myself again. I was reminded that I gave birth to 3 beautiful babies and my body did beautiful things and I shouldn't be ashamed. I shouldn't be down on myself because of society's standards. Plus size women are beautiful too. I realized that I am that hardest on myself more than other people are. But thanks to Laura Beck Photography I have gained my confidence back. I can love myself again. I can own my beautiful tiger stripes and not be ashamed. Thank you so much!"- Kristan Moore, Siren


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What's different about me than all the other boudoir photographers out there? I am a stylist. Meaning I gravitate towards 2019 styles- modern, bohemian, outside of the box styles. You can be classy but not boring and maintain interest in any image. I put individuality into each and every boudoir session to make sure that we are expressing your authentic self however you are in a way that makes you feel your sexiest. 


Boudoir Photography is about you. It's about where you are at with your body, right now, no matter what your size, no matter what your age. Sexy is all about owning it and showing a vulnerable and raw side of who you are. 


"There are few words to describe the amazing experience I had with Laura! She is warm and inviting the second you walk in the door! Never once did I feel uncomfortable or question her talents and direction! Laura is an amazing person and photographer! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making that day special and helping women everywhere bring out their inner beauty!" - Jenn A., Siren


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"Laura, I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me into your boudoir world. Our first shoot I was really nervous but you made me feel comfortable right away. And my second shoot I felt like a pro! You’ll never know how much you have boosted my body confidence & I’m so grateful for you because I will carry that through my life time. Thank you" - Ashley Benton, Siren

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As a photographer and educator myself, I have come across many boudoir photographers over the years. There are certainly many good, even great boudoir photographers out there, but many seem to just follow the same formula. Laura offers conceptual and personalized shoots that evoke a wide variety of emotions and of course are just totally sensual. Her edits too, separate her from the rest of boudoir photographers. They are unique and artistic, matching her conceptual themes without being heavy handed or gimmicky. If you are looking for a customized personal experience, I strongly suggest Laura Beck. 

-Michael Zawadzki