Inspired by Movement, Male Boudoir in Lubbock Texas Yoga Studio

To say this man is my new muse is an understatement. When you mix someone who specializes in the art of moving their body with someone who specializes in capturing the human form, good things are going to happen. Every once and a while I like to do a creative shoot. It refuels me. It gets me thinking outside of the box. 
So for this boudoir session I stepped out of my studio and in the yoga studio over at Body by Indigenous. The space is gorgeous, stylish and calming. It was a great reminder to me that I need to start offering on-location boudoir options to my clients instead of always in the Siren Studio. This location is right here in Lubbock across from Texas Tech, which isn't far at all from my studio- maybe 4 blocks? Anyways, if you have been thinking about a session with me but want to do it here or anywhere else that you may have in mind, let me know. I am always inspired by different especially when different means amazing lighting like this location has. 

On a side note, this is probably my last 9-10 months in Lubbock. We are planning of moving as of right now. So time is running out. If you have been considering sexy photos, don't wait. We are also planning travel dates to Dallas, Baton Rogue, Tallahassee, and Port St.Lucie this winter. So if you are in those areas and want a boudoir session (maybe even something you can have back by Valentine's Day) please reach out ASAP so I can fit you in.