What's important // From a Siren's Perspective

There are times that boudoir and my work make you stop in your tracks and assess what is truly important. That’s how this story unfolded for me as an artist and will go down as one of the most memorable sessions. I’m not going to say any more then that because it isn’t my story to tell. It’s hers.
But I am really glad that I got to be a part of it.
Boudoir is so much more then pretty lingerie photos. It goes deeper. It rebuilds. It tears down.
It reminds you that you are courageous and bad ass and you do amazing things that others “could never do”. It reminds you that you are actively working towards loving yourself in a world that is constantly clawing at our self esteem. It reminds you that sometimes getting vulnerable ends up making you stronger.
It reminds you to not ever put off those experiences that you want to have for yourself or with/ for someone else. We don’t get the time back. Even though I wish we could.

This Siren writes “ When I was younger I never had a confidence issue. After 2 failed marriages your confidence takes a hit. I made up my mind to try to see me the way other people see. And I decided to jump in head first! I scheduled with Laura and had no idea what to wear. I found some pieces and then waited for the day. She was very understanding and professional. She walked me through each and every pose. She was fantastic. As a result, the photos were a huge success and played an even bigger role than I could have ever foreseen. ♥️♥️♥️”

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