Dusk and Body Chains // Tips on What to Wear

Whenever I have clients reach out to me for a session I always offer to send ideas for outfit inspiration. After years of specializing boudoir I know what photographs well and what flatter each individual figure.

Some things I do not like to photograph : Jerseys, baby dolls and corsets. Why? Because two reasons. While these items look cute in person, they do not photograph well at all. The whole point of good boudoir photography is to see the body lines of the individual. All these items change/ disrupt the body lines. One could say that corsets flatter the body lines but they don’t when it comes to boudoir because whatever is squeezed in by the corset will pucker and bulge out on the top or the bottom every time you move or bend. It also restricts movement which can interfere with good posing.

An outfit item that look good on all body types? The body suit. It’s flattering on plus sizes body types and petite body types. I personally love two pieces as well.

Fit is always important, you want to make sure that no matter what outfit that you pick that there isn’t any pinching in anywhere.

When selecting an outfit for your photo session make sure you think about what parts of your body you want to highlight and feel confident in and which parts you’d rather not be in the focus of your images.
Also consider doing something different. Something that is surprisingly gorgeous and unexpected. I have lots of ideas so feel free to ask me if you want to do something other then lingerie.

That is the angle I went on this session. I hand picked these two looks. I wanted the blue florals because this lingerie set is different then most that I have seen. Feminine yet has an edge. And the body chains is stunning as an accent on her figure.

When it comes to extra bells and whistles and props, a lot of times in boudoir those can take away from your images. If you want a strong boudoir photo the eye will be focused on the body and the outfit itself is the prop. Jewelry can be added in thoughtfully and carefully but be sure it only accentuates the look. Anything too much or too busy will take away from the strength of your photos.

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If you have any questions on what to wear for your session with me please ask! I am always up to date on what is being offered in the lingerie world and am happy to send you a link to my Pinterest board. Pinterest is a great tool to use if you are overwhelmed by shopping because each photo clicks right through to the store that the lingerie comes from. So you don’t need to go searching, it’s all laid out for you. Quick and easy.

If you enjoyed this session and these tips on what to wear please drop a comment below and leave me some feedback! xo


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