Autumn in Lubbock, Nude Boudoir at the Siren Studio

I get asked often if I do nudes and I do! Nude photography is some of my favorite to shoot.
With all this Instagram drama in the boudoir industry, I am not sure how much you will see of this set on social media. I braved it out and posted it to Facebook but I am bracing myself for a 30 day ban.
Whenever nudes get posted though I always like to remind my clients of a few things. 1) I never ever pressure you to change your modesty level. I want you to be comfortable. If you are comfortable with nudes, awesome! If you aren’t that’s awesome too! I always respect your privacy and boundaries. Boudoir is all about respect and trust. Without those two things I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. 2) I never show images, ever, unless there is written consent for me to do so. Allowing me to share images from your session helps me so much but if you would rather not do that, that’s fine too! Another thing you can always do is leave me a Google review if you would rather not show any images publicly. This helps my other clients to know what it’s like to work with me.

So with that said I have some other business news to chat with you guys about. I am traveling to Dallas Texas on December 20th and I have 3 spots available. This would be a great Christmas present for yourself or someone you love. I am also booking couples :)

From December 26th through January1st I am booking sessions in Florida!I’ll be shooting on the Treasure Coast but I am open to traveling throughout the state as well.

For those of you in our driving path in the southern states between Dallas and FL, I might be able to make a special stop for you too. If you are interested in seeing if we can make it happen email me.

For everyone else, only have about 7 openings left between now and Christmas. Please do not wait until last minute to book.
If money is a concern you can always book well ahead of time and then save up for the remainder between now and your shoot date. Time is flying and we are moving out of Lubbock within the year. If my dark and moody boudoir style floats your boat jump on the opportunity to shoot with me while we are near by and before we are no longer Texas residents.

No enough with all the chatter. Enjoy these gorgeous photographs.