Lubbock Maternity Boudoir Session, Laura Beck Photography at the Siren Boudoir Studio

I am not sure there is anything more beautiful then a pregnant woman. The ironic part is that most women do not feel that beautiful during pregnancy. I really wish that I would have done maternity boudoir and a maternity bath with my own pregnancies.... it's a strange thing.... because once your pregnancy is over, you miss your pregnant body in so many ways. I miss feeling the babies kick. I miss my big round belly. I miss my belly button poking out. And so much more. I look back at the photos that I do have of myself an I can see the beauty now that I couldn't necessarily feel at the time. But I have many of these moments throughout my life. Times that I wish that I could go back and take more images, document better. It's such a beautiful way to celebrate yourself, the amazing thing your body is doing and your cherished baby. 

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